The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

With the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations coming up soon, I thought I would put this image on my blog, which is a photo taken in the fashion house ‘Dorville’, where my mother worked as a couturier dressmaker in the 1950’s and 60’s. In this picture she had just started her training as a 16 year old and can be seen working on the hand finishing on the Queen’s coronation robes. My mother is the young woman to the far left of the picture.

Dorville fashion house in 1953
Dorville fashion house in 1953

Some iconic images of garments made at Dorville



2 thoughts on “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee”

  1. My father worked for Dorville at the same time. His name is Charles Bernstein and as far as I knew bought the cloth for the garments. He often spoke of the toiles which he said came from Paris.

  2. This picture is fantastic! My Nan started there in 1949, as a 16-year old trainee dressmaker and worked on the coronation robes too! I’ll have to show her this pic. Thanks for uploading this!

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