‘Lost Pockets’ selected for ‘Craftsense’ at Bilston Craft Gallery

It’s been a great week for my work as I have been selected for 2 projects I applied for. Firstly, the Grow! Pop Up! Edinburgh exhibition at The Royal Botanic Gardens and secondly ‘Craftsense’ at Bilston Craft Gallery. ‘Lost Pockets’ will be on show for a year from September this year until 2014.

‘Craftsense celebrates the links between local historic manufacturing skill and modern craft practice. The exhibition focuses on five media that are significant in the historic trades of the Black Country: metal, ceramics, leather, glass and enamel. Contemporary loans of craftwork in these materials are featured alongside examples of excellence in regional manufacture from the 18th 19th and 20th centuries, such as Bilston enamels, and locally made steel-cut jewellery. Craftsense is an interactive and multi-sensory exhibition so the majority of the contemporary pieces are on open display, inviting visitors to explore the qualities of the work through touch.’


'Lost Pockets' 2013

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